Sunday, August 17, 2014

Books to Gifs

Now, as some of you may know, I'm a bit of a bookworm. Just a bit. You know, I dabble.

Okay, maybe I read a little bit more than is healthy. 

I also love gifs. One look at any of these blog posts and that's evident right off the bat.
Funny enough, that is not a gif
So I decided to combine my favorite things. Reaction gifs to go with my many, many book feels.

Prepare thyself

When you start a new book

When you realized you got sucked into the book

When someone tries to interrupt you while your reading the good book

"It's important"

"Listen to me"

"No seriously"

When you read a bad book

When you read a book a lot of people have been talking about

When you realize what all the "hullabaloo" is about

When you just can't finish a book

When you DO finish a book

When you don't like a popular book but EVERYONE keeps talking about it

When someone insults your favorite book

When you find out there's a sequel

When you're on hiatus waiting for the sequel to come out

The day the sequel comes out

When you finish a series

When your ship (or people you want to get together) get together

When a couple you don't like get together

When you find your favorite character 

When something bad happens to your favorite character

When someone dies

When anything bad happens ever

When you remember when something bad happened in a book

When you feel that ache you get after finishing a good book

You didn't think I had that many gifs did you?

And you know what?

Sunday, July 13, 2014


AGH! I'm soo sorry I haven't closed the Spain business up! I just caught up with important things like sleeping and doing nothing and being lazy and it just took all my time away.

But here I am.

I got back from Spain a little more than a week ago on America's birthday. That's right, I spent my fourth of July on a plane. It was pretty interesting. I got a first class seat (which was awesome. Gotta love standby) and we took off, were thirty minutes into the ride over the pond to the good ol' U.S of A. when suddenly the pilot came on.
"Hey guys so we have some bad news. One of our landing gears is sticking a bit. It's not a huge problem and we can still fly and land safely but they won't let us go across the ocean unless they fix it so we have to head back to the airport. Hopefully it will only take about fifteen to twenty minutes and then we will be back on our way."

Fifteen to twenty minutes my butt. It took more than two hours, which I know for a fact because I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier which takes two hours. I was more than a little worried because if they decided not to let us take off, I was screwed. I wouldn't get out of Spain for another two weeks (remember Standby means if there are empty seats I get them. But if they were shoving everyone on other planes with empty seats who had tickets, there would be no seats for me). But luckily, we did take off and after that, it was smooth sailing. My dad met me in New York and together we rode to Denver, Colorado where my cousins live. My mom and brother were already there, waiting for us. I was doing a sailing camp with my brother and my cousin Claire (Claire and I were born two weeks apart and are super buddies) there. It was Monday through Friday and was pretty fun. I learned a lot about sailing and can now sail a sunfish pretty well. They look like this

I am happy to tell you that Claire and I (we rode together) never capsized, though we did come very very close about oh, a dozen times. But that doesn't matter.

On Friday, the last day of the camp, my mom drove to Colorado to pick my brother and I up. The flights from Denver to Salt Lake City looked really bad (Remember standby) so we decided to just drive home. We left on Saturday at about 8. It was a seven hour drive in which I read an entire book (well, most of it. I read twenty pages of it the day before). It was called Good Omens and it was amazing. Please, please read it. 

But here I am, Sunday the 13th of July. Tomorrow I leave again, but this time for Los Angeles. I'm flying over to pick up Marina, my Spanish buddy with my mom, my brother and my brother's friend. We are going to stay there for four days and then fly back home to Park City. It's going to be interesting. But who knows, maybe you will see Marina yourself while she's here? I was wondering though, do you guys want me to document my adventures of Los Angeles too? I"m not sure how my documentation of Spain went or if that's my style (Yes, I have a style now) but you guys should drop me a line in the comment section and let me know. 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fun Fact About Spain #11: I always think of at least five of these throughout the day, but as soon as I sit down I forget them

This is one of those times. If I think of one, I'll write it down!

Today was another day at the beach. First though, we drove around a bit looked at the sights of Barcelona from within the car, ate lunch at Marina's grandmothers, then headed out.

The beach we chose was interesting. There wasn't a lot of people, which was great. I hate people at beaches. However, the reason there were no people was the wind was blowing pretty hard. Sand pelted at you when you weren't in the water, and when you were in the water the waves almost knocked you down. They were huge things that probably would've been fun for a beginner surfer (Not big enough for a pro) and were even more fun to swim in. I laughed like a maniac as we got knocked off our feet. Combined with the wind the humongous waves would push you left and trying to walk to the right in the water was near impossible. But that didn't stop us. We tried our hardest, slipping and sliding in the sand as the waves rammed into us. After we finished, we drove back to the hotel and took showers. Then we went to Domino's, got pizza, and drove over to Marina's Abuela's (grandmother) house once again. We ate dinner, watched some Television (It was some cooking show competition, Master Chef Espania. It was in Spanish which meant I understood some of it, but most of it went right over my head)

It's 12:43 and now's the time I would say something funny, but I'm too tired so I'll leave you with this...

And because I love you

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fun Fact About Spain #10: In Spanish, I love you is "te quieres"

Exact translation of te quieres is "I want you". Let me tell you, if a boy said "I want you" I'd probably slap him. I love you is about the romantic thing you can say and a so called "romantic language" done messed it up.

Today was a perfect combination of "tourist" and beach bum. After we woke up and ate breakfast, we walked around Barcelona for a couple of hours. We saw some of the sights, including the famous Sangria de Familia church. I saw the outside and the inside of the church with my family when I came to Barcelona two years ago. It looks like someone made a church in Oz, then plopped it down in Barcelona. This time, we didn't see the inside (The line to get in is a mile long, no exaggeration), but we did get a glimpse of it.
One of the sides
We strolled for a couple of hours, then ate a delicious lunch of paella and I found out I can't eat mussels anymore. One time, my friend Andrew dissected a mussel right in front of me and continued to show me the insides of it and I just can't seem to get over it. After we were finished eating, we went to the beach right next to the restaurant. We stayed until 7ish, then went back to the hotel, took showers, and went over to Marina's grandmother's house. Marina's father's family lives in Barcelona as well as his mother, who's very spry for 90 years old. She can't walk very well, but for 90 I'd call it a success. We ate dinner there at 10:30, then, at 11ish, we got into the car. I thought we were going back to the hotel, but after driving for a lot longer than the five minute ride to the hotel, I realized not so much. Instead, we were in the "mountains" (Mountains? Please, they were hills at best) of Barcelona. There were pigs snuffling in the streets Marina screamed (in joy), I called them jamon (ham) because I didn't know the word in English, and we all laughed too hard and too long. We were all tired; it was great. But we weren't there long, just enough time to take a picture of the beautiful Barcelona city (Since we were up high, the city was splayed out in front of us)

and then we were off, this time actually to the hotel. And here we are, all caught up.

Till tomorrow CariƱos

Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun Fact About Spain #9: They don't believe in tissues

I don't think Spaniards (Do we still call people from Spain Spaniards?) have boogies because there is a severe lack of tissues here. None in Marina's house, but even more surprising, none in the hotel room we're staying at in Barcelona. What is wrong with you people? I think it must be a new step in evolution. Natural selection is going to weed me out now because I need tissues while other people don't. I'm just lucky I stashed some in my bag, otherwise I'd be in deep trouble.

I'll give you a hint on what we did today.

Water, Ocean - Ocean: Waves Crashing Over Rocks, Heavy Surf And Wind, Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences, Ocean, Surf & Waves, Wind by Sound Effects Library on Grooveshark

And another
  Vamos A La Playa (Video Edit) by Miranda on Grooveshark
God I hate that song. Now, every time someone says "Vamos" I think of this. It's horrible.

But anyways, if you hadn't guessed, today we went to the beach! But it took a long time to get there. First, we woke up, ate breakfast (Pan con tomates, or bread with tomatoes smeared over it and olive oil), and drove to the beach (It took maybe half an hour to an hour). By then it was 2:30ish. For Spaniards (I'm going for it), this means lunchtime. First though, we walked around the town and by the beach a bit. When we finally sat down to eat it was 3:00. After we had finished, it was 4:30 and I was itching to do something. I am my father's daughter after all (I'll explain to those who don't know later). By the time we were at the beach, it was 5:00 and I felt like I was going to scream. People here move like they're in slow motion. Turtle-like doesn't even cover it. My family is like the rabbit and it's almost agonizing sometimes. No wonder they eat dinner at 10:30 here. But finally, we were there.
After slathering on some sunscreen, Marina and I dove into the water. We splashed around a bit, then got out and hung out on the beach. A bit later, Marina, Anna (Marina's sister), and I went back into the water, where we stayed until it was time to go.

We drove home, ate dinner at Marina's grandmother's house, then went back to the hotel, where I'm writing this to you right now. I am exhausted for some reason, and as soon as I take a shower I'm going right to sleep.

Wish me luck

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun Fact About Spain #8: No one drinks bubbly water

Seriously. I love bubbly water, I LIVE on bubbly water and I was very excited to come to Europe where they also live on bubbly water. But no dice. In Spain, it's plain water for all.

You tell em' Anne Hathaway
But I am no longer in Madrid. I have branched out and am writing this in a hotel room in beautiful Barcelona! Not that I've seen much of it, just midnight glimpses outside a car window. But it looks very pretty so I'm going with it. At 8ish en la noche (at night) Marina's family and I boarded the plane, but beforehand, we didn't do much but pack and hang out. Not the most exciting day to write about. Well, there was that one thing where that guy kidnapped me on the train, took me to another world, which I saved which in the process got me a smokin' hot boyfriend, then, after heartfelt goodbyes with all of the new friends I made, traveled back to the same moment the guy kidnapped me. But that's for another day. 

Speaking of other days, I'm not entirely sure how this internet thing works. Therefore, I'm not positive if I'll be able to blog tomorrow or not, so just a warning. I will, however, log my adventures in Barcelona as soon as I can. 

Till the next time

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun Fact About Spain #7: The roads are crazy

Sure, there are some rules. There are lines on the asphalt to direct cars. But I'm definitely not in the United States anymore. There's the honking of horns, the cars jumbled everywhere, the jerking of the wheel to avoid the oncoming bus. Who's also laying on his horn.

I should know. I've been here a week now. 

That's right! Today marks the halfway point in my trip of Madrid. And today was fabulous. For today, my friends, we went canoeing. 
It was muy divertido (very fun). We woke up, ate breakfast, and started driving to our destination, which took at least two hours. We arrived at four, signed up, and then joined our group, which was a nice, small size. Together, Marina and I got in a canoe (It was a two person with me in the back and her in the front) and started paddling around. Anna, Marina's sister, went in another two person canoe with our instructor. After everyone was settled, we were off. 

We were on a big river, though it was pretty still and we didn't come across any rapids. On either side of us was rock walls, and up above us giant birds flew around doing their birdy things. We came across some old ruins of a building up above on one of the cliffs and the instructor/guide said some stuff in Spanish I did not understand so I can't tell you much about it. I did however, catch the word Mosque, so I think it was some kind of church. Also something about birds. I'll get back to you on how the two are related. 

Anna (Marian's sister) is in the front of the canoe in the background you can see the old ruins
Personally, I find canoeing very fun. I've done it twice so far, once in Sardinia and once in Colorado. In Sardinia, I was with my parents in an ocean. In Colorado, I was with my cousins. We were staying at a friends cabin in the woods and there was this little lake nearby. We commandeered our friends canoe and proceeded to explore every inch of the water, which didn't take very long. Then we proceeded to get stuck in every place imaginable, which wasn't quite what we intended. Nevertheless, by the time I sat in this particular canoe, I was pretty familiar with how they work. The back person does the steering while the front is the speed. I was in the back, which I found out very soon takes a lot of work. You have to pay attention to where you're going, adjust course accordingly (which involves either putting a lot of effort into paddling one way, or stopping the boat and turning. Both require a lot of physical exertion), and in the process get very, very wet. I don't think it was Marina's fault, I believe it's just how paddles work, but I ended up with a lot of water in my lap. I also ended up with tired arms, and glad that I didn't skip arm workout day. 

After we finished, we all drove home, ate dinner (At 10:30. Again), and here I am, writing this too you before I drop from exhaustion. 

Which is right

Buenos noches muchacas

P.S Tomorrow, Sunday the 29th of June, I leave for Barcelona! I'm not sure if I will be able to blog while I'm there so be warned. However, I will try my best