Sunday, August 17, 2014

Books to Gifs

Now, as some of you may know, I'm a bit of a bookworm. Just a bit. You know, I dabble.

Okay, maybe I read a little bit more than is healthy. 

I also love gifs. One look at any of these blog posts and that's evident right off the bat.
Funny enough, that is not a gif
So I decided to combine my favorite things. Reaction gifs to go with my many, many book feels.

Prepare thyself

When you start a new book

When you realized you got sucked into the book

When someone tries to interrupt you while your reading the good book

"It's important"

"Listen to me"

"No seriously"

When you read a bad book

When you read a book a lot of people have been talking about

When you realize what all the "hullabaloo" is about

When you just can't finish a book

When you DO finish a book

When you don't like a popular book but EVERYONE keeps talking about it

When someone insults your favorite book

When you find out there's a sequel

When you're on hiatus waiting for the sequel to come out

The day the sequel comes out

When you finish a series

When your ship (or people you want to get together) get together

When a couple you don't like get together

When you find your favorite character 

When something bad happens to your favorite character

When someone dies

When anything bad happens ever

When you remember when something bad happened in a book

When you feel that ache you get after finishing a good book

You didn't think I had that many gifs did you?

And you know what?

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  1. Oh my god I love all of them. You explained this perfectly.